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Retreat in Egypt, Celebrating life on earth – an experiential journey

31 May 2022 - 15 June 2022

2535 EURO
Tabara în Egipt

Do you trust your trial? Or do you have expectations about what your trip will be like? Are you trying to control things as you expect? Life is unpredictable. She asks you to abandon yourself.
Do you feel the call of this journey? Do you feel that you want to live life to the fullest? To be the creator of your own life? Of course, sometimes there may be fears that you are out of control of the journey, and hence the reasons for giving up living your life to the fullest.

You decide to come on this journey only if you know your direction, where you want to go. It’s about where you want to go in the depths of your soul. Only he who knows where he wants to go assumes the whole process and goes to the end. The journey begins with your decision!


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Each stage of the retreat takes you further in the evolution of your consciousness, opening new doors and accessing new aspects unknown from your being.
This journey is divided into several stages. And each stage will mark an important point.

The journey begins on June 1 – a day when we celebrate the baby. It is the place from which you depart on this journey as an innocent. It’s the moment you break up with the places you know, the people you know, the lifestyle you know. Maybe you’re traveling alone, maybe you’re accompanied. They all have their purpose and you will understand along the way. You are actually taking your flight from the nest to unknown realms.

Once in Egypt, you receive support and guidance to live your own process in a safe and secure space with Ana (the facilitator of the process) and Ashraf – our guide in Egypt.
As you progress, your level of consciousness will increase due to the “challenges” you will be subjected to. There will definitely be things that will get you out of your comfort zone. You will face the loss of habits and your fears. You will understand your tests as you go through them or them.


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Now I’m going to give you some clues about this journey. Otherwise, I invite you to abandon the process and not take this trip just as a relaxing vacation. It is much more than that. This journey is actually part of the journey of your life. It is a journey about self-empowerment and celebrating life in all its forms.

Once in Egypt, the first part of the retreat is about your connection to the universal consciousness and to yourself. About your intention with which you set out on this journey.
The second part is about accepting life as an adventure of the soul, about connecting to simplicity and authenticity. About program releases, purifications and accepting what is needed.
The third part is about your initiation – you sit face to face with the divinity. It is the place where you can surrender your personal will to the divine will. Here you can surrender to your supreme self, to the higher self.
The third part is about discovering the beauty and activating your inner gifts. About celebrating life as a whole.
Some clues about the places we will visit – Cairo, Gizha, Baharia Oasis, El Fayum, Mount Sinai, and the Red Sea – Marsa Alam area.

Facilitator: Ana Daniela Tănăsuc

Systemic constellation facilitator; Timeline Healing therapist, holistic counseling.
“I am passionate about the simplicity and depth of working with systemic constellations, the subtle approach and the way the client is empowered.
The systemic constellations are about love-healthy love, recognizing, accepting and taking responsibility, about releasing and re-establishing our family’s emotional bonds so that love can flow again. ”

For me, spirituality consists in living your life to the fullest, manifesting from your essence. Bringing the spiritual into the matter. For this it is necessary to release the fears, the programs, the guilt that keep you in this illusory matrix.
For me, the personal process means the evolution of consciousness, at all levels – mind, body, heart (emotional), soul.


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Retreat period: 31 May 2022 - 15 June 2022

The price of this trip is 2535 Euro. For English speaking participants an additional fee of 495 euros is paid for translation, the final price being 3030 euros. Participation fee includes 3 meals / day, hotel and tent accommodation in Bedouin campuses throughout the trip in a 2-person room, excursions, internal transfers during the trip after arriving in Egypt.

The price of the plane to Cairo, visa fee, other formalities related to Covid and other activities besides those included in the program are not included in the price.

The retreat is conducted in Romanian with English translation.

If you need more details, you can contact me on 0723 682 154

Photo source: Taryn Elliott from Pexels

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    31 May 2022
    15 June 2022
    2535 EURO
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    Ana Daniela Tănăsuc
    0723 682 154

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