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Family Constellations Workshop – Embrace Your Uniqueness

6 May 2023 - 7 May 2023

120 €
Atelier de Constelații Familiale - Îmbrățișează-ți unicitatea - Ana Daniela Tanasuc

Allowing yourself to express your uniqueness in a world that seeks conformity can be difficult. Sometimes you may think that you are not ok in this world. But Life itself is expressed through each individual’s uniqueness. Getting out of conformity means to live your own life with courage and trust, letting go of what no longer serves you. ?
Allowing yourself to live your inner vision means to take responsability and accept that you are different and at the same time you are one with everything. ?
What wants to surface? What has not been expressed yet? What risks do you need to take in order to embrace your uniqueness?



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  • have a better connection with your body
  • find your place in life, feeling more grounded and welcomed on this planet
  • connect to your soul’s mission
  • discover the main causes of the problems you are dealing with, so they can be seen and healed consciously
  • break the patterns that block you from having a healthy and fulfilled life
  • obtain new perspectives in order to move on and make significant changes in your life
  • get involved in a process to connect with the consciousness that is beyond the ordinary
  • create healthy relationships with your partner, family members, friends and collaborators
  • end up making peace with divorce, separation, miscarriage, abortion, death, adoption, secrets
  • be released from the impact of death
  • understand the cause of disease
  • understand problems relating career and financial problems

What are Systemic Constellations?

???????????: Ana Daniela Tănăsuc
Sistemic and family constellations facilitator – ISCA Member
Timeline Healing therapist
NLP Specialist
Personal development counselor
“I am passionate about the simplicity and depth of sistemic constellations work, the subtle aproach and the way in which the client is empowered. Sistemic Constellations are about love – healthy love, recognition, acceptance and responsability, about freedom and reconnecting the emotional bonds of our family, so that love can flow again.”




After registration you will receive an email with the location information and payment details.

When: 6 - 7 May, 2023, de la 10:00 la 18:30

Where: in Kraków

Price: 120 €  / person.

If you need any more information, you can contact Maria here +4 0749 534 726 ☎️ or Carmen on Messenger https://www.facebook.com/carmen.apateanu.
During these 2 days we will be working around 10 constellations.
In order to participate you do not need any preparation ahead.

Note: Everyone who joins will feel the healing experience offered by this container and will step into the field multiple times during the workshop. You can enter the process either as a representative and/or work your own process or as an observer.
However, we invite you to remember that there is a possibility not every participant will sit in the client role for a personal constellation. This is the nature of Sistemic Constellations. But participating in such a workshop offers you exactly what you need in that moment.
It is a process, whether you work your own constellation or you are a representative. The good news is that this safe space that is being creted in this process is created in such a way that all participants will be supported and will receive care and attention for their intentions, no matter what roles they are engaged in. ⚖️
Always in the service of reconciliation, systemic constellations help us reconnect with our inner wisdom, connect with others, and increase compassion. Constellations bring clarity to dynamics, understanding for the connections in life, and settling into a place of inner strength.

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    6 May 2023
    7 May 2023
    120 €
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    Carmen & Maria
    +4 0749 534 726
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