During the meeting we will work 2 constellations with 2 people who have already expressed their intention to work.
All who join will experience the healing offered by this healing space – either by being represented or by being an observer.
The good news is that this sacred healing space that is created in this process is such that all participants will be supported and given attention to their intentions, regardless of the roles they engage in or whether they remain observers.
If you wish to immerse yourself in the Field and bring new awareness to the surface, or to get to know my work, I am very pleased to have you by my side.

If you would like to register, please fill out the form below. There are only a few places available.
Participation fee as a representative – 30 lei/person.
If you want to work on your own process, the participation fee is 470 lei per person. Contact me to schedule a session.

I ask those registered to take responsibility and be 100% present in the meeting respecting the rules I find in the email, otherwise they will be removed from the event.

For more details, please contact Maria on +40723682154 or by e-mail at suport@anadaniela.ro.

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